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    ADD:No. 1, Defeng Road, Qixia City, Shandong Province

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    Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Qixia Defeng Food Co., Ltd., was founded in 2001. it is a leading enterprise of forestry industry and provincial agricultural industrialization . We are mainly engaged in elementary processing, storage, planting ,general cargo service and export and domestic sales of fruits and vegetables. Located in No. 1 Defeng Road, Qixia City, Shandong Province,China,our company covers an area of 120,000 square meters, and buildings an area of 50,000 square meters. The total storage capacity of the air conditioning warehouse and cold wind warehouse is 32,000 tons. The fruit storage adopts advanced Italian and German air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, with strong technical force and complete facilities. The export volume ranks second among the national fresh apple export enterprises. "Top 10 National Apple Export Companies". The high-quality fruits of the "Defeng" brand are well-known and sell well in domestic and foreign markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and other regions. 


    558 million yuan of"Defeng" brand value that are

    ? China's top ten apple export brands

    ? China's Top 100 Fruit Brands

    ? National Top 100 Agricultural Products Brands

    ? Famous Trademark of Shandong Province

    ? Well-known agricultural product enterprise brand in Shandong Province

    ? Shandong Famous Service Brand

    ? Shandong high-quality brand

    ? Shandong famous brand

    ? Yantai Apple's top ten brands

    And was selected into the "National Catalogue of Famous, Special and High-quality New Agricultural Products" and "Catalog of Famous Brands of Agricultural Products in Shandong Province."


    "Defeng" brand apples have also been awarded many times

    ? Chinese Famous Fruit

    ? China Quality Apple Gold Award

    ? China Apple Famous Brand Award

    ? Gold Award of China Forest Products Fair

    ? Gold Award of China Green Food Expo

    Qixia Defeng Food Co., Ltd. has been rated as

    ? National Excellent Apple Management Enterprise

    ? Excellent leading enterprise in fruit processing in China

    ? 2019 China Fruit Supply Chain Brand Enterprise

    ? AAA credit enterprise

    ? Top 100 Chinese Fruit Industry Leading Enterprises

    ? Provincial contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise

    ? Provincial Demonstration Society

    ? Advanced units in the fight against the epidemic of COVID -19

    It was selected into the "National Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (Base) Directory" by the Ministry of Agriculture.The company base was identified as "the first batch of high-quality development bases for agricultural international trade in 2021" by the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

    "Defeng" brand Qixia Red Fuji apples have been reviewed by the nation Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection to obtain protection of ecological origin products.

    Business Philosophy

    Integrity, innovation, pragmatism, win-win cooperation and pursuit of excellence. Introduce international advanced technology, improve product quality, and maximizing satisfying the demand of the customers.

    Quality Control

    In order to strengthen product quality management, the company has established its own apple, pear, and grape bases, and strictly implements the green food production technical operating procedures and global good agricultural practices for the whole process of fruit production. The traceability accuracy is specific to each plot.


    Qixia Defeng Food Co., Ltd. has passed the following certifications

    ? GLOBAL G.A.P certification

    ? National Green Food Certification

    ? Food safety management system certification ISO22000: 2018

    ? International quality control and management system certification ISO9001: 2015.

    ? HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System Certification

    Research and Development

    ? In 2007, the company organized domestic experts to develop the first domestic apple spot delivery standard.

    ? In 2017, the company formulated the "Regulations for Controlled Atmosphere Storage" which became the group standard of Yantai Logistics Association.

    ? In 2018, the company also obtained the seedling authorization of Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Yan-sweet potato No.25 to plant and seedling breed. 

    ? 50 tons per day of a new production line has been set up for frozen roasted sweet potatoes. 8000 tons of fresh sweet potato storage and 3000 tons of ice-roasted sweet potato quick-frozen low-temperature storage have been set up newly for agreement bases and storage and sales of processed products.

    ? In 2019, the company formulated DB37/T 3613-2019 "Guidelines for the Management of Controlled Atmosphere Storage for Fruits" and became a local standard in Shandong Province. 

    The formulation of this standard fills the domestic the first standard and will provide standard support for the operation and management of controlled atmosphere storage for the majority of fruit companies. It can standardize and lead the development and application of controlled atmosphere storage technology, and is of great significance for achieving quality improvement in the fruit and vegetable industry. 

    ? In 2020,  the Chinese Society of Environmental Science group standard T/SDSES 001-2020《Green Product Certification-Apple》has been made with Qixia Defeng Food Co., Ltd.,Shandong University, Qixia Fruit Industry Development Service Center, China quality Certification Center and other units 

    ? The company has 24 utility model patents ,is applying for 4 invention patents

    Social Responsibility

    ? Based on the rural areas, it is the social responsibility of enterprises to promote the construction of agricultural industrialization and broaden the income channels for farmers. While developing and growing, Defeng Company cooperated with farmers in February 2008 and registered and established Qixia Defeng Apple Professional Cooperative, which realized the production form of "company + base + farmers". At present, there are 18,860 farmer households in cooperation with the company, driving more than 4,000 hectare of base; the company has established fruit purchasing outlets in various towns, purchasing more than 50,000 tons of fruit annually, and driving more than 200 individual brokers in the township. The purchase of fruits has also promoted the development of related industries, and radiated the employment of more than 2,000 laid-off workers and rural surplus labor, and promoted the economic development of surrounding regions.

    ? The company donates to education career every year to help 10 outstanding students in school with family difficulties, subsidizes them to graduate from elementary school, middle school to high school, and donates money to care for the development of Qixia’s elderly and children’s careers, And the company has also carried out Apple Art Festival activities in Qixia, donated high-altitude fire trucks for Qixia Fire protection, and donated goods and materials worth more than 2 million yuan for public welfare activities such as COVID-19 and poverty alleviation. In addition, the "Pan Dehui Charity Fund" account has been set up in the civil affairs department.


    In the future, Defeng Company will continue to explore and develop around the fruit and vegetable industry, focus on improving the international level of the company, develop and occupy the market with high-quality brand-name products, and continuously improve the popularity and reputation of products and enterprises. Persist in being based in the countryside, facing agriculture, and serving farmers, starting from increasing farmers' income, and giving full play to the leading role of leading enterprises. Build safe, high-quality, and green agricultural products production bases, strengthen agricultural product testing, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, and promote standardization and industrialization. Make new contributions to the development of rural and agricultural economy and the comprehensive construction of a new socialist countryside.

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